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Cookies and Wreaths

One favourite Christmas tradition is that of giving out plates of Christmas cookies to various families and individuals.  This year we made about 30 plates–quite a production!

Arranging cookie plates


Another baking project that is Mommy’s area of expertise is the making of Christmas wreaths.  They are made something like a cinnamon roll except that instead of sugar and cinnamon inside, it is a mixture of candied fruit.  The roll is sliced and arranged in a circle on a pizza pan.  I love the way they always look.  They are so beautiful!  This year Mommy made 18 wreaths.


Several wreaths

We love giving out such gifts.  These activities are reminders for us to pause and reflect on that which God has given us–His Only Son.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season!

More concerts

Our second night at the Bulwer Community Centre went very well.  The crowd was somewhat smaller, but everyone seemed to enjoy being there.  We hope they were all as blessed as we were.

After I posted last time, one family member pointed out that I had failed to include a picture of the wonderful family who prepared delicious refreshments for us all.

Some of the “kitchen crew”

the sound technician

Our sound technician does behind-the-scenes work, and thus rarely gets photographed.  Someone got a good picture on Saturday, though.

 talking afterwards

Talking afterwards

Sunday afternoon, we and a couple other families who come to our home Bible studies, went to a nursing home to have a little service there with the “Grandmas and Grandpas” as Amy calls them.  We sang Christmas hymns together and Nathanael gave a brief message on the importance of having a heart like that of the wise men–a heart that is sincere, searching the Scriptures; a heart that is transparent; a heart of humility that bows down to worship Christ.  It was such a blessing to be there.  So many of the people there have lived through hard things, but they so reflect the joy of the Lord that it is impossible to go away without having been encouraged.

Bulwer Concert

This Christmas season has been busy for our family, but as there is not time to relate all of our comings and going up until now, I will simply give a report of the most recent concert–one at the Bulwer Community Centre in Cookshire-Eaton yesterday evening.  Getting ready is always the big job.  The day was filled with a dress rehearsal, packing the van, last minute preparations, etc.  The evening went very well.  We both played some music and did a Gospel chalk art presentation.  Afterwards there was a time of fellowship and a wonderful snack the Taylor family had prepared.  The people there really seemed to enjoy the evening.  It is such a delight to be able to share with others that with which God has blessed us.

Everyone playing together

Because chamber music for our instruments at our varying levels of playing is hard to find, we sometimes write our own.  The piece we are playing here is one Jonathan arranged.

The chalk talk

The chalk talk is always the highlight of the evening.

The audience

Everyone was very attentive.

This evening we have another concert at the same location, but this time it will be in French.  We are praying that the Lord would use us to further His Kingdom through His servants whether it be by bringing the Gospel to those who have not heard, or by encouraging those who know the Lord to press on in their walk with Him.  May we be willing instruments, ready for the Master’s use!

Welcome to the Frazer Family Blog!

Our First Post

For a couple years now, we have contemplated creating a family website.  This year, after much work by our computer programmer, Jonathan, and our graphics designer, David, that desire came to pass.

We would have liked to get this site up early this summer but did not have time due to our being occupied with another massive project—building an extension on our house.  This extension is not yet complete, but since the cold has now set in, we are beginning to work indoors.  With Christmas just around the corner, we also have many opportunities to share music and chalk art presentations in various places.  We are certainly not twiddling our thumbs!

We will try to keep you informed as to our whereabouts and doings!