Cookies and Wreaths

One favourite Christmas tradition is that of giving out plates of Christmas cookies to various families and individuals.  This year we made about 30 plates–quite a production!

Arranging cookie plates


Another baking project that is Mommy’s area of expertise is the making of Christmas wreaths.  They are made something like a cinnamon roll except that instead of sugar and cinnamon inside, it is a mixture of candied fruit.  The roll is sliced and arranged in a circle on a pizza pan.  I love the way they always look.  They are so beautiful!  This year Mommy made 18 wreaths.


Several wreaths

We love giving out such gifts.  These activities are reminders for us to pause and reflect on that which God has given us–His Only Son.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season!

One thought on “Cookies and Wreaths

  1. Emily

    Wow.You made a lot of plates up!The cookie plate you gave us was very good.We
    have not gotten into the wreath yet,but we will soon!


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