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Back from Beachburg, Ontario!

Getting set to go on a trip is often fraught with obstacles and this trip was no exception!  Late Wednesday afternoon, our van refused to go, leaving Mom stranded in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  Mom was rescued by a knight in shining armour (Dad!) and the van was taken to the garage. Friday morning found our van still in the garage, as the needed piece was nowhere to be found.  Our trailer, which was needed for the carrying the cargo for our trip, sat at home full of bits of construction material which needed to be emptied out at the Eco-Center before it closed at 4:00 Friday afternoon.  As lunchtime came and went, and we still had no word from the garage, we started to wonder if our van would be ready in time.  But at 2:00 the call from the garage came – the creative mechanics had succeeded in rebuilding the existing piece instead of getting a new one!  That left us enough time to get down to the garage, come back home to hitch up the trailer, and get down to down to the Eco-Center before it closed!  How grateful we were for the Lord’s perfect timing!  Thank you to all who prayed!

The trip to Beachburg, Ontario, went smoothly and we enjoyed David’s creative Bacon-and-Egg Bunwiches for our breakfast in the car.  Let him know if you’d like his recipe: contact him or leave a comment.

David's creative Bacon-and-Egg Bunwiches

Once we arrived, we were greeted by the Garfats (, who had already begun setting up and who had also worked hard to cover the windows, enabling the hall to be darkened for the chalk art presentation.  Equipment was moved in; Nathanael started setting up the sound system; David, Elizabeth, and Jonathan set up the chalk art equipment; and everyone else worked hard setting up other things.  Once the chalk artists were finished setting up, they cleaned their hands and helped elsewhere.  Here’s Elizabeth helping with sound system wiring:

Elizabeth helping with sound system wiring

Playing together.  The girls made matching jumpers for the occasion.

Playing together 1 Playing together 2

The attentive audience.  Can you spot Mom and Amy?
(Hint: their jumpers match the other girls’ jumpers!)

Attentive Audience

The finale:  the chalk art presentation!

Gospel chalk art presentation

Some of our host family who worked hard to make everything possible!

We were being recorded

During the day Monday, we enjoyed a time of fellowship with the Garfats, including some lively outdoors games.

Fellowship Volleyball

Monday evening was at the Country Haven Retirement Home.

Setting up.

Setting up

Some photos from the evening:

Concert Audience
Gospel chalk talk Talking afterwards