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30th Anniversary

This past week, Robert and I celebrated our 30th anniversary by climbing Mount Washington, the highest peak in the American northeast:  about 10 miles round trip and about 3800 feet of vertical ascent.  It took us 11 hours including an hour lunch break and lots of stopping to take pictures, but we did it!!!

  The day started out overcast and the top of Mount Washington was hidden in cloud, so we weren’t sure if we’d end up going all the way to the top but as we started back on the upward climb after lunch, the cloud started breaking up and by the time we reached the top it was quite clear (visibility of 50 miles) and *very* windy – wooshhhhh! The view was really pretty.  There was a little snow left on the slopes of the facing mountains.

 One of many beautiful waterfalls on the
Ammonoosuk Ravine Trail on the morning ascent.

The mountain tops are hidden in clouds.
We wonder if it will be worth climbing to the top.

 Getting higher and above the tree line.

 We took a lunch break in the Lake of the Clouds Hut.

The clouds start to lift as we hike higher!  What a view!
We look back at the Lake of the Clouds Hut where we ate lunch.
Can you see it?  It is the tiny white dot in the middle right.
Lake of the Clouds is to its left.

Mount Washington is reputed to have some of the
worst weather in the world, including record high wind speeds.

We made it to the top!
And it was definitely windy!!!

 One of the spectacular views from the top – thank you, Lord, for the beauty of your creation and for making it possible for us to see it!

The path is extremely rocky, and is marked by “cairns” – piles of rocks.  You can see one in the left foreground.  To the mid-right, you can see a snow patch on the slope of a nearby mountain – Mount Jefferson, I think.

Mount Washington and Mount Jefferson are part of the Presidential Range in the White Mountains.  Does anyone know how many US presidents have mountains named after them?


   After our hike up Mount Washington, we were in need of some easier days!  We spent the next two days shopping and doing some really easy hikes.  The next day we headed over to “The Basin.”  As soon as we stepped out of the van at the trailhead, a man came rushing up yelling at us to bring ropes and blankets as a child had fallen into the very cold water of the extremely rapid river and was trapped in the water.  911 had already been called, but we went running with ropes and towels and our big thick cotton blanket.  The boy’s father had jumped in to help his son and he, too, was trapped in an eddy of water:  no way to get up or left or right because of the cave-like overhang and the river in front of them was much too rapid to cross without being swept downstream over the rocks and boulders.  The police arrived shortly after us and pulled them both out but had no supplies so we wrapped them in towels and blankets until the ambulance arrived a little while later to warm them up.   What a blessing no further harm had occurred!

Along the trail to “The Basin”


 On our third and last morning, a lady approached us just as we were leaving the campground, asking if we had booster cables as her car wouldn’t start.  She seemed to have been camping alone with her two girls.  We gave them a boost and a Gideons’ New Testament.  We then had a lovely drive along the beautiful Kancamagus Highway, with stops at some scenic lookouts and a short hike to the lovely Sabbaday Falls before enjoying some further sight seeing, supper, and an uneventful drive home.

Sabbaday Falls


  We got home after everyone was asleep, but the next day the family had a lovely surprise for us after supper.  While we were away, they had made us a *huge* card with all sorts of little cards inside as well as giving us a lovely gift.  What a very special anniversary celebration!  Thank you all!!!

The very special card – outside and inside.

The RCMP, Music, and Construction

Although we have been alleviated of the duties of scholastic study and supervision, we are by no means free of all duty and work.  Next week, there are string exams and piano exams for most, and much practice has been taking place.  In addition to the regular music practice, there are also the concerts for which to practise.  Last Saturday we performed at the Wales Home, a retirement home in Richmond, about 3/4 of an hour north of us.  It is always a pleasure to play for these people, as they always seem to appreciate every effort, even if the performance doesn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked.  We also have a concert scheduled for the 11th of July in Beebe Plain.  Although all this practice is a lot of work, it is rewarding, as there have been times that our music has opened the door for us to share Christ with some of our listeners.

Wales Home Music

Last Friday, we had the opportunity of going down to Ayer’s Cliff to watch the performance of the RCMP Musical Ride.  If you have never seen one of their performances, I would strongly recommend you do.  Of course, if you’re not in Canada, that could be a hard thing to achieve.  It is simply unbelievable how careful they are to make sure every person, every lance, and every horse is exactly where they should be at the right time.  The horses even keep step to the music accompaniment, whether they are walking or cantering or somewhere in between.  I believe we all appreciated being there – I certainly did.  This served as a reminder to me of the way God has all things worked out for our good.  Even when we don’t know what is going to happen next in our lives, He has it all worked out such that there are never any mishaps.

RCMP practice RCMP Musical Ride

The construction is coming along smoothly, though it seems somewhat slow at times.  The siding is pretty much all done, as is the soffit.  Yesterday, the electrician came and did most of the electrical connections, and he will be finishing it this afternoon.  The extension is looking more like a room and less like a construction zone now that there are lights on the ceiling and walls instead of just electrical boxes. 

Matthew 5:14 “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”