Recent construction

It has been some time since we did an update on the construction that has taken place around here.  As normal, that is not because nothing has been happening.Smile It seems that joining the extension to the existing house is the longest part of building an extension.

Once the floor was finished, we still had to put the sill in that makes the join between the old house floor and the extension floor.  Daddy did most of this touchy work.  He started by taking a circular saw to the floor (not something I would have like to do!) to make the hole the right size.  He was also the one who had all the patience to plane down the rough-cut boards until they were smooth – by hand, not with an electric planer!  He then cut them to size, sanded them, and made a rabbet on the bottom and a chamfer along both sides on the top.   Finally, he inserted the glue and lowered the sill into place.

Cutting the floor to size Glueing the sill in place Placing the sill

We have also finally finished the window sills.  We realised that with sills that wide someone was sure to sit on them some day, so we decided to make them fairly sturdy.  They still aren’t specifically designed as seats, but if someone does sit on the window sill, they should stand up to it.  (And they should stand up too. Laughing)

Glueing Nailing

You may notice in the above pictures that the baseboards are yet to be installed.  Once these are installed, as well as the door frames, mouldings and bathroom door, I think the big room will be complete!  Today, the baseboards, door frames, and mouldings are being stained and varnished.

varnishing baseboards

The bathroom is looking better and better.  The wall switches have been installed.  Now the wall tiles are being installed.  It is not as easy to keep tiles on the wall as on the floor, but they are smaller tiles, so that helps.

Bathroom wall tiles


Psalm 95:3 “For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods.”

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