Mint Chocolate Chip Snow Cream!

With lots and lots of fresh snow and a temporary soaring of the temperatures to a balmy 11 C (52 F) – a record high for this date – the weather was perfect for Snow Cream!  Quick to make and very tasty!  David voted for mint chocolate chip (his favourite flavour!) – so that’s what Evelyn made.  Yummmm!  Thank you, Evelyn!


Lots of fresh snow!    Dishing up the snow cream

One thought on “Mint Chocolate Chip Snow Cream!

  1. Erica

    Thank-you, Evelyn, for copying out the recipe for us. I was wondering, does it have to be a particular temperature outside for the snow to work properly? If that is the case, it looks like we might have to wait awhile until we can try it! Oh, by the way, just a suggestion – how about creating a spot on your blog for your recipes. That way, we won’t have to keep bugging you for this or that recipe anymore!!!


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