Creative culinary arts

   Over the years, a tradition has developed in our bi-weekly family meetings, that of celebrating birthdays with a cake. A lot of fun goes into these, particularly when it is one of the younger members of our group whose birthday is being celebrated. William T’s was no exception.

   The planning actually began a couple days before and David began mapping out his ideas so that he was all set when he came to decorate. William’s family lives on a dairy farm, so a real-to-life reproduction of the farm seemed an excellent idea. It was quite a production as the photos will tell!

the beginnings of the farm an interested onlooker the cows What is that cow doing in the garden? complete with farm vehicles

the apple trees are even bearing apples the silos and hay bales an overview an arial view

   David, your creativity amazes me, and I am thrilled to see you use the gifts the Lord has given you to bless those He brings into your life! We aren’t all given the ability to produce this kind of creation, but we have each been given talents from the Lord.  May we use them to His glory!

   “Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it.” Colossians 4:17

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