On the posting of a post (aka “Anyone looking for a nice duplex?”)

   This comes from a proud sister…

   Not long ago, David planted his first real estate sign!  The duplex has actually been listed for a little while now, however, for various reasons, he was not able to put up the sign until recently.  I was intrigued by the way these signs are actually put up. (Odd, isn’t it…  Why have I never noticed the methods of installation for the “For sale” signs in front of houses previously? Smile)  In the first picture, David is hammering in the metal base for the sign.  Then he tied up the sign using plastic screws and nuts.  The reason for this, I learned, is that the plastic will not rust and leave stains on the sign the way metal ones would.

hammering in the stake putting up the sign

the duplex

   So, if anyone is looking for a nice, well-maintained duplex in Magog, you now know who to ask!

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