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An Excellent Lumberjack

I have often had the opportunity to cut down trees in locations that are challenging, but rarely have I been able to do so with the precision with which this one was taken down, considering the circumstances – I almost never work in the rain, and try to avoid working in the wind if at all possible, especially 60+ kph winds!

This first picture is taken about 24 hours before the tree was taken down.

The before picture

Notice the new hole in the skyline.

One large poplar is gone

Hmm.  Huricane precision, or the omnipotent hand of God?

Within two feet of knocking the corner off the barn

Psalm 92:4,5 “Thou, LORD, hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands.  O LORD, how great are thy works! and thy thoughts are very deep.”

Barn Construction

We have recently been doing some renovations to our barn in preparation for a future acquisition.  Elizabeth has been doing a lot of work out there, including a very large amount of cleanup.  Here she and Evelyn are making some new shelves.

Starting with cleanup

The barn did not have any windows on the first floor at this side, so the next project was to install two of the windows that had been removed from the house when we made our extension.  They don’t look much like barn windows, but they work to let in the light and air!

The back wall before windows doing the framing for a window cutting the hole trimming the frame the window installed

Once we had strengthened the walls on three sides, we had to build a new fence to keep this creature from escaping.  Here are Nathanael and Elizabeth fastening the new wall to the floor.

attaching the new wall to the floor

Once the fence was complete, we had to paint the whole thing.  We had some difficulty opening one of the paint cans, which had remained shut for approximately the past twenty years.

trying to open an old paint can painting under the manger painting the wall

And here is the finished product:

the finished paint job

So, what do you think is going in here?  Shall I tell, or shall I keep it a secret until it arrives?  Maybe I should give you some hints.

Guess what animal will be here.

It is an animal that is commonly found in barns, but it is not a sheep or a goat.

Not a sheep Not a goat

It is reputed by some sources to be able to jump quite high, but it is neither a rabbit nor a locust.

Not a rabbit Not a locust

Some have a golden-brown colour, and a few people have seen theirs swimming or wading, but it is not a goldfish

Not a goldfish

It is larger than a dog or cat, but it is not a deer, and it is not a giraffe.

Not a deer Not a giraffe

Psalm 50:10 “For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.”