Cookie Dough

   Chocolate chip, peanut butter, maple crunch, oatmeal…

      Big batches, little batches…

         Drop cookies, rolled cookies…

   What kind of cookie dough is your favourite?

   I can tell you what Sarah’s favourite kind was today, but it probably isn’t what you would expect.

   Mommy and I went out to get this cookie dough early this morning. I know, that sounds rather odd considering we are known for our homemade cookies and have been heard to condemn other cookies, but it was, nevertheless, the case this time. We are hoping for great sucess with this cookie dough.  We have never tried it before, but we have tried other things similar, so I think we can expect decent results.

   When we brought the box into the house, there was a general rush to the entry. Everyone wanted to have a look at this cookie dough. A lot of comments circulated quickly. Upon putting our “parcel” down, there was some discussion about keeping it out of the reach of Caramel (our cat) since he could potentially do some damage were we to leave it around. We think this cookie dough may last quite a while, so we have to find a good place to keep it.

   But now you want to know just what kind of cookie dough brought such excitement to our home today. Well, it is brown, but then most cookie doughs are, so that doesn’t tell you much. It doesn’t contain chocolate chips or even any cocoa. (I suspect I just lost a few interested boys.) It isn’t a highly uniform colour and would probably be described as slightly stripy, but it couldn’t be called swirly. There are no fruits or nuts in it; it is not an oatmeal cookie dough; it isn’t even made with flour.  In fact, I think I would dare to say that it is a rather unusual kind of cookie dough.

   Sarah, especially, was excited about this cookie dough, so perhaps I should put on a picture of her enjoying it…

enjoying Cookie Dough cute kitty playing with Cookie Dough

   So, in the end, the best place for “storing” this special kind of Cookie Dough is the barn. In fact, that is actually why Daddy allowed us to get him. With the soon to arrive cow, we expect an increase of the mouse population in the barn and hope Cookie Dough will help to exterminate these unwanted intruders.

   Here he is in his new bedroom…


enjoying playing in the straw pounce! mighty hunter

I'll get it yet!

Sweet Cookie Dough!

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