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A new arrival

   It was still dark out, but David and I had been up for some time. The beauty of freshly fallen snow enthralled me as I walked the short distance to the barn to care for our pet rabbits. I love winter! I shivered a little, though, as I walked. I really needed to get out my winter boots, especially considering what was planned for that morning. Excitement mounted as I entered the barn, placed a bucket of water in its holder, helped David move some large objects out of the way, and took a final glance at the prepared place. We were ready. Now, she just need to arrive – and that would be soon! We exited the barn together. As we glanced toward the road, we saw a vehicle pass, slow down, and stopped a couple houses down. It turned around and came toward out driveway. This was earlier than we had expected, but that was no trouble. I went to meet the expected arrival while David informed the others inside…

   For some time now, we have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new addition to our animal “family.” This morning at 6:30, she arrived! Since pictures would certainly tell the story better than my words, I escape the necessity of racking my brain for a way to describe it…

the transport

   This cow is a Dexter – the smallest purebred breed of cattle. She was so small that she could not be seen over the tailgate until one went right up to it. Dexters are supposed to be one of the best as family cows due to their small size, generally friendly disposition, economic feeding habits, high milk yield for its size, and excellent meat on calves raised as beef.  As can be seen, our cow is black, however, the Dexter breed also comes in “red” (more like a reddish-brown) and dun. Black is the dominant colour, so it is not impossible that we get a brown calf someday!

Are you friendly... checking it out be friends...

She is pretty small for a cow ...but not as small as that picture made it look! gentle cow

   We’re thanking the Lord (I especially) for all He has taught us through the process of preparing for this cow. It has been and, I am certain, will continue to be a wonderful, sanctifying experience! I have learned so much thus far (not just about cows)!

cute cow

A Bug Post…

…and a happy birthday!

William is an amateur entologist.  So, when he said he wanted a surprise for his birthday dessert, Elizabeth and Evelyn decided that he would like some bugs on his birthday cake.

Bugs - can you guess what kinds they are?

Not just anyone would be delighted to see that there were some bugs on their birthday cake, but William seemed to be enthralled.

William was delighted!

Once the birthday bugs cupcakes were eaten (we didn’t eat all of them), it was time for the gifts.  I hope you find a good use for those tools soon, William!

Some useful birthday presents

“These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.” – John 15:11