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A lot has happened since we last made a blog post.  I guess I shall start where we left off, but I will not write everything we have done since then, because I don’t have time and neither do you.  Instead, I will just pull the highlights of the past couple of weeks and leave the rest for other to write.  (Or perhaps for me to write on a later date.)  A few days after the events of the last post, we were invited to lunch and to spend some time in fellowship with a godly family.  After lunch, we all got our instruments out and played some hymns.

Playing music together Playing hymns together

It seems inevitable that where there is music being played by a group like this, there will also be an audience.

The listeners It looks like someone is taking notes on what we play... A hymn-singer

the farm

After playing, we went outside to the barn.  Most of us had as yet not seen either their new robotic milker nor their new brown cows.  Certain people were more keen on watching the machine, while others were more interested in the animals.  I will let my readers guess which gender generally prefered which.

cow 18 cow 16

After visiting the cows, several people went to visit the horses.  Elizabeth even got to go bareback riding for a little while.


One thing I like about winter is the combination of snow, ice, and moonlight.  Here are a few pictures we have taken of this kind of combination.  The road in the picture is not our road, but a road not far from ours.  I love the way the moon’s light is reflected on the icy road.

a cold day outside The moon is being reflected on the ice. the moon looking in between icicles

On Friday the 10th we had several people over for a Valentines Day supper. Evelyn worked very hard to make lots of little gum-drop roses.

hand-made roses chocolate valentines cake

We had several birthdays to celebrate as well, so when dessert was about to be served we brought each of the birthday people a dessert with a candle on top.  After supper, the men had a men’s meeting and the ladies and children talked upstairs – and washed dishes.  I am very grateful for those who do those tasks that are rarely noticed.  It is always good to get together and share with godly people.

Valentine's Day meal Happy Birthday Playing together

“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant.” – 1 Corinthians 13:4

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