A house sold!

   OK, I know several people are looking for a post on Mocha and her calf. That post should be coming soon, however, there is another event I want to mention that takes precedence. (I love my brother far more than the cow! Smile) As many of you know, David is a real estate broker. One of his first clients was someone selling their house in Sherbrooke. Last week, that house sold! We are all thrilled for him! This morning he and I went out there to put up the “Sold” sign. It really didn’t take two people, but I wanted to get some pictures. Smile

   First we went by his office in Sherbrooke to pick up the sign.

the Sherbrooke office the office is actually in the basement returning to the car

   After that, we went out to the house to put up the sign. The man selling the house was happy to see it, saying that it felt more official with a sold sign up.

the house sold putting up the sign

   Congratulations, David! May the Lord continue to direct you as you walk the path He has laid before you.

2 thoughts on “A house sold!

  1. Alisa Quenneville

    How exciting for you David – congratulations! May this be the first of many more sales!

    Congratulations to Mocha and Elizabeth on the new baby!


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