Yesterday was a day work in the basement. The step at hand was plastering. With a whole team of us on the job, work progressed quite rapidly. Nevertheless, it took all day to complete almost all of the first coat due to the fact that most of us are not very experienced plasterers. There was some question about whether the walls or the plasterers were more thoroughly covered at the end of the day!

a plasterer another plasterer taping

   With so many of us plastering at once, it took a full-time plaster mixer and another full-time bucket cleaner. Jonathan and Stephen made a good team. Thank you, guys! You did a great job of keeping us supplied.

mixing plaster and cleaning the buckets

   I have only done plastering once before and my efforts then were hardly worth seeing. (It looked all right after Nathanael fixed it!) I was, therefore, a little hesitant to put my “signature” on the apartment walls. So, I requested the task of working in the closets where my work would not be seen. Smile The photographer saw me, though.

hiding in the closet tapping in the closet

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