A Pounding

I had no idea what a pounding was before yesterday.  And I certainly didn’t expect one!  If you had told me I was going to have one, I probably would have ducked.

Ok, I had better start at the beginning.  Yesterday afternoon was the day we celebrated my birthday.  (We often celebrate not quite on the date, due to Daddy’s irregular schedule.)  I was glad Erica could be there, though I certainly had no idea what my family had planned.  Well, after the normal celebration, they told me and Erica to go sit on the couch and close our eyes.  While our eyes were shut, they brought up a whole pile of gifts, mostly wrapped in grocery flyers and shopping bags.  I was told I needed help opening these gifts.

The gifts interesting wrapping paper unwrapping...

In each package were dozens of useful items – non-perishable groceries, cleaning supplies, tape, stamps, and so much more.  I could see that a lot of thought and effort had been put into this special time.  We were given so many things that are so important and yet so easy to overlook.  I am very grateful for all that was done for us!

Some things were wrapped in bags It was NOT milk powder. Lots of chocolate chips

Chocolate chip cookies are a favourite of mine – that is why there is such a large bag of chocolate chips.

not for fishing - this is a first-aid box. More important ingredients

That bag was not really full of popcorn, though that is the size of bag our family normally buys – we have gone through a lot of popcorn the past few years, especially because at our regular Bible studies we would invariably make popcorn for anywhere from 12 to 40 people.  And that is where Erica and I got to know each other.  So, the last gift was quite appropriate …

a special package of popcorn a very happy birthday

The Lord has indeed been good to us.  How glad I am, and grateful, that He gave us the families that He did, who care for us and love us!


Psalm 135:3 “Praise the Lord; for the Lord is good: sing praises unto his name; for it is pleasant.”


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