Cooking for 200

In contrast to how long it takes to write about it, and even to show pictures of it, the cooking was really a big part of preparing for the reception.  The challenge, of course, was to have everything ready on time without having it done so far in advance that all the food went stale.  Juggling all the different things to make was interesting.  It made for fun times in the kitchen, though!


wedding favour


working late one evening

A little over a week in advance, wedding favours were made.  These little boxes had the names of the two couples pasted one on each side.  Then they were made up, filled with a piece of traditional fruitcake wedding cake, and decorated with a piece of curling ribbon.  It was certainly teamwork to get them all done.

During the final week, the kitchen became a hectic zone.  In one day, nearly one thousand two hundred cookies were made in four hours.  That is about 12 seconds per cookie!

 What a mess!

What a mess!


cookies, cookies, cookies!


more baking






And of course there were the cakes.


the cakes minus the flowers

The last minute food preparation wasn’t done until Saturday afternoon, August 3rd.  However that tale will come later along with pictures of the rehearsal that morning.

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