loading the sound equipment

loading the sound equipment

August 3rd dawned cloudy and drizzly and the forecast for the following day didn’t promise anything more cheerful.  Nevertheless, we went about the day as previously planned.  Chores were done in haste. Nathanael headed out early with the SEM van pulling the trailer, already loaded with sound equipment.  Our van was loaded up with things that would stay at the farm for the following day and all the remaining family members.


talking together

Arriving at the farm, we met up with the Taylors and the family of the officiant and musicians.  Mr. Taylor showed us around their new cover-all shelter where the ceremony could be held if it were raining.  It was a roomy, open shelter that would do nicely, though it definitely wasn’t as picturesque as the top of the hill where we all hoped the wedding would take place.


discussing seating

Then we moved up the hill.  The rain throughout the previous week had left the road up somewhat muddy, though it wasn’t terrible.  There was some discussion as to whether running fifty vehicles over it would render it impassible for the last few.


ominous clouds

The rehearsal itself went fairly well, but we were forced to take cover under the trees at the edge of the field a couple times as it began raining.  The big question on everyone’s mind was, “Can we plan on having it up here with good weather looking so unlikely?”  Mr. Taylor chose to put off that decision until the following morning.  Visitors staying at the farm had volunteered to get up early and help set up all the hay bale seats then.


fruit plates



As soon as the rehearsal was over, Mommy and the girls headed home to begin the final sprint of food preparation.  The men remained behind to discuss parking, and Nathanael had some sound system issues to sort out.  Not long into the afternoon, we were joined by the G______ family.  Their contribution to the afternoon’s labour was inestimably valuable and most appreciated!  Thank you G______ Family!  Together we made sandwiches, prepared fruit plates, and organised how the reception would run.

By the end of the day, we were all tired, but everything we had planned on doing that day at our end was done. Only putting the flowers on the cakes remained as a last minute preparation the following day.  Everything was culminating toward the big day, but I’ll tell about that next time…

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