The wedding day part 2

the two chauffeurs

the couples’ chauffeurs

As soon as the pre-wedding photos at the house were over, the photography team headed up the hill to set up for photographing the ceremony.  Mrs. Taylor, both of my parents, and the ring bearers followed soon after.  Though we were already a little late, the rest of us lingered a while longer to give plenty of time for all to be seated (and the grooms to become impatient).  At last we girls climbed into the nicely cleaned up farm truck and Mr. Taylor drove across the street, heading toward the hill.  Just then, his cell phone rang: a needed corsage had been left in the house!  Quickly we turned around and came back only to discover that no one had the house key.  Not a problem – even in her fancy attire, Evelyn succeeded in climbing through a window to rescue the corsage.  Now we were really on our way.

Ascending the hill, we looked at the sky.  A seemingly endless stream of dark, grey clouds scuttled quickly across. Mr. Taylor prayed aloud, “Lord, please make those clouds go to the south and to the north.”  And God did just that.  All around, heavy rain clouds hurried by, but in a circle above the farm, there constantly remained a clear blue sky with only the occasional fluffy whiteness.  Numerous people commented how the hill was ringed by a “halo.”  There was no question about the miracle.

The wedding ceremony went without any major incident.  Amy was the perfect little flower girl and did a wonderful job of spreading the flower petals – on the way back out too! 🙂  None of us had thought to teach her how to do the recessional!  It was cute, though.

A brief message during the ceremony reminded us all of how serious a commitment marriage is.  This a covenant for life and is not to be taken lightly.  The delight of being joined together as one also comes with responsibility.  May God provide to all you who are married all that you need to live out faithfully this picture of Christ’s relationship with His Bride.  And may those of us who are single, be careful not to treat marriage flippantly – as though it were to be bought for a song and later discarded as an old toy.

No sooner had the ceremony ended, when the sky overhead began to darken and a cold wind blew.  The rain was on its way.  There was only time for two photos before a sprinkle was felt.  That quickly changed to a stream and then a downpour.  Guests and wedding party alike fled to the waiting vehicles.  The remaining photos were taken under the trees by the house.

And now for the final part of the day.  Some of us had to hurry quickly away…

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