Catch up

Since there have been no posts about anything else since the wedding, I think it high time to catch up!  Not having a lot of time on my hands, I’ll simple blitz through the highlights and allow the pictures to tell the stories.

In September, Daddy and Mommy made a trip to the White Mountains.  What a beautiful creation God made!

Star Lakeatop Mt. Madison


looking back at Star Lake


the telescopeToward the end of the month, we took sunlit mountaina family trip up Mount Megantic.  Many have told us of the beauty of this mountain, but we had never been there ourselves.  The descriptions given us were not exaggerated.  We even had opportunity to tour the observatory at the top of the mountain.  The telescope is enormous!

another view from the top

IMG_4408 IMG_4409September closed with some of us helping to change the roof at the GCH.  We were privileged to work with 89-year-old twin brothers as well as several other wonderful volunteers.  Not only was it a good time of working together, but it was also a time of Christian fellowship on the roof.

kitchen crew October was a busy month as we planned and prepared for a 25th running the food lineanniversary party for some friends.  We were responsible for catering the meal, and as always when we get in the kitchen together, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

celebrating 25 years

In view of potentially keeping a future calf, Evelyn and I have been learning to train the two calves we currently have.  This process has been interesting at times, since neither of us have ever seen anyone train oxen, but slowly we are making progress – to the point of hitching them up and offering slightly unpredictable rides!


DSC_3562During the past couple of years, we have had minor water shortages.  This past summer it became evident that something had to be done.  So recently, Daddy called in a well digging team to deepen our well.  It was quite a noisy process and turned out to be much longer than we expected.  We were without water for three days.DSC_3603  When we were finally told that we had water for toilets, we made the mistake of turning on the system too soon and ended up with fine gravel in all our pipes.  Taking apart the toilets and faucets to remove the rocks was very educational!  At this point, we have water for toilets, washing, and bathing, but we still have no drinking water.  We are praying that will come soon!




And now that it is December, our thoughts are turning toward Christmas activities such as chalk art.  And of course there is gingerbread house decorating.  But that warrants a post of its own…

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