CAPTURE Quebec highlight photos



There were so many pictures taken during the photography workshop, that I could not possibly go through them all myself. So, I simply asked for everyone’s highlights. As can easily be seen, some really stretched out their creativity.

Learning to utilise Lightroom was an interesting experience for all of us. We enjoyed playing around with it.  Some alterations made the pictures look better; others were tried out simply for the sake of experimentation.

This post wouldn’t be complete without the famous pictures photographers always take…

And despite the apparent overabundance of Canon cameras, there were actually more Nikons users attending the class.

One final photo courtesy of Jonathan…


5 thoughts on “CAPTURE Quebec highlight photos

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    1. Jonathan

      I should specify that the cake wasn’t made by me – the credit for that goes to Elizabeth. I only took the picture!

  2. Erica

    Wow! Nice photos! I really like the artistic photos that you took, Elizabeth. You did such a good job taking that one of the Abbey, framed in by the trees and that one of the bridge with the starburst is so beautiful!

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      Thank you for the encouragement! I was feeling rather overwhelmed at the end of the class, but I think the concepts are starting to sink in now. (I tend to put my expectations too high and assume that I can get everything down at once and immediately come out with stunning photos. But the Lord has been faithful to keep reminding me to give my expectations to Him.) Now I need to practise some more.

      I can’t take credit for the framing of that one of the Abbey, though… James set it up for me. And Ryan gave me the idea of trying to shoot a starburst and gave suggestions on how to capture it better.


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