Summer with the Frazers

Summer is upon us! Our family has been busy, though not entirely with the things we expected.

Certainly we have enjoyed many of our favourite estival activities such as gardening (it is growing well thanks to all that cow manure), bicycling (we’ve done two 40+ km trips), and several campfire fellowship times.


Continuing through from the winter season, we enjoy frequent Sunday fellowship opportunities. There are times of talking with Christian friends; there are times of relaxation; there are times of fun and games.


Celebrating birthdays together has become a tradition.


This summer for the first time, we are delighting in the company of our little niece…  She’s such a precious little girl! One afternoon she particularly became the centre of attention as a family photo was attempted. But though she was fully awake earlier in the day, by picture time, she was apparently tired out by all the activity! And “helping” to water the grass was evidently an exhausting task too.

IMG_1121OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20140629_SLF_2610 20140629_SLF_2606IMG_1282

Elizabeth is soon to be joined by a little cousin…  Nathanael and Samantha’s baby girl is due in just over a week!


A situation unplanned and unexpected by us was a stay in the hospital for Amy. She hasn’t felt well for a few months but the cause of this is difficult to pin-point. Her paediatrician sent her to the hospital for tests, and though a few things were discovered, nothing is conclusive. Amy has been put on medications that would resolve a few of the potential problems and amazingly, she seems to be feeling much better. Notwithstanding, we have not yet discovered what exactly is ailing her and continue to seek the Lord’s wisdom in how best to help her.

What with Amy being sick and back and forth from the hospital, Daddy and Mommy were not able to take their usual anniversary trip to New Hampshire.  Nevertheless, they did manage to get away a couple times to do some shorter hikes near home.

RF_20140621_6626 RF_20140621_6602

One evening just after they came home from a hike, Daddy took some of us out to a lake not far from here to photograph the sunset.  It was an enjoyable evening.

RF_20140621_6663 20140621_ELF_3204

A new experience this summer is another addition to our little cattle herd – in black and white this time!  T-Bone Steak and Chuck Roast were born the evening before we helped some friends with their hay.  To the delight of several, we were offered these twins in exchange for some of our work.  But, as often with twin calves, they were not the strongest or healthiest and we have experienced giving more “vet” care. They are doing better now and Hershey is quite excited about her “little” companions, taller than herself!  Time together must be minimized, though, as she plays a little rough for them.

20140701_EJF_3233 20140701_EJF_3240


And the chickens continue to grow.  We are trying red ones this time.


One thing is certain: we are learning to make the most of every situation the Lord is bringing along this summer’s pathway – whether expected or unexpected; pleasant or unpleasant; grueling or easy; wearying or refreshing. Probably our most valuable earthly asset is time and that asset attracts many thieves.

“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” John 9:4

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  1. jérémie rhéaume

    I also enjoy these times of fellowship, I am really blessed to know your family. It’s fun to know that Elizabeth likes cows 🙂


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