Autumn gone by

As Stephen mentioned in the last post, we already have snow on the ground here in Quebec and we’re expecting more! I’m sure there are some who would rather winter had held off a little longer, but I am one of those who is happily bidding farewell to fall and welcoming our snowy season. It is not that I don’t like autumn – far from it! But I do love winter too! (My favourite season changes as fast as the┬áseasons change. ­čÖé )┬áThe freezing ground is certainly simplifying taking care of the cows outdoors and keeping those animals significantly less muddy.

The autumn season was a busy one. Most of the activity has been around home, however. Bringing in the garden, canning and freezing fresh┬áproduce, raking fall leaves, butchering the final batch of┬áchickens, getting the turkeys in the freezer, (we broke our record with a 42 pound bird!) preparing for and buying laying hens, getting ready for butchering our 20 month-old steer, beginning on Christmas projects,┬ápractising Christmas music, all that while keeping up weekly Sunday meetings,┬ámonthly men’s meetings and monthly Sunday afternoon services at the nursing home.

Yet, despite all the busyness, there were still opportunities to take pleasant excursions. In September, Daddy and Mommy took short trip in the White Mountains together.

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The end of┬áthe same month, most of us went out for an afternoon with our cameras to catch some colourful photos. Jonathan’s made use of his new polarizing filter to catch a starburst on the sun!

But now, fall is behind us and snowflakes in the air put us in the mood for baking Christmas cookies. Already some are in our accessory freezer also known as┬ácoolers on the balcony. ­čÖé The squirrel, however, must content himself with the remains of summer’s sunflowers.


We look forward to celebrating the birth of our Saviour and are hoping for a nice, snowy Christmas!

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  1. Samantha

    Love this shot you took, Elizabeth (20140927_ELF_3633)! Very creative! They’re all nice though. Stephen’s squirrel picture is *so* cute. ­čÖé


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