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April Snow

Winter has been long here in Quebec. Usually by this time in April, the snow is mostly gone, or at least its disappearance is well underway. But spring seems reluctant to arrive this time. The two inches of snow received Tuesday night created a quiet, peaceful atmosphere as I headed the cows outside this morning.

20150407_ELF_4801 20150407_ELF_4803

Then this morning we awoke to yet another few inches.

20150409_ELF_4820 20150409_ELF_4817

But spring really is on its way. The birds are returning from their winter escapes. Redpolls don’t always come this far south in winter, but apparently they went further than usual and now are migrating back north in huge numbers. There were somewhere in the vicinity of one hundred birds flocking around our feeder last week. Talk about crowded!


I have loved the exquisite beauty of winter, and will be a little sad to see the snow go, but I’m also looking forward to the beauties of the warmer months.

20150130_ELF_4059“Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?” Job 38:22


The Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) defines creativity as “approaching a need, a task, an idea from a new perspective.”  My parents have diligently sought to instil this important character quality in their children and, as many of you probably already know, have succeeded quite well. One of the ways they taught us to “think outside the box” and look at a project from a different angle was by setting the example. A recent “problem situation” demonstrates this:

Our old Fujitsu dot-matrix printer is not quite as old as I. It has faithfully served us for years. But for a little while it has been broken – not totally dysfunctional, but very awkward to use. The springs that held the traction feed clips in place broke and the likelihood of finding replacement parts for such an old printer was rather remote. But that didn’t stop Daddy.

Small springs… What else has small springs?


You guessed it: a mouse trap! The springs are now installed on our printer, which again functions very nicely.

20150328_ELF_4684Thank you, Daddy, for your exemplifying character to us!


The late afternoon sun streams through the window. Dripping water tells of the warm breeze melting the snow on the roof. Slowly, the snow on the driveway turns to wet ice; soon the ice will vanish utterly, giving way to the bare gravel. The snow will melt – in not long, the grass will be showing: spring is here!

I like spring. While some see mud, I see the most beautiful gems possible – precious drops of water. While some see nothing but dirty snow, I see signs of new life. I hear birds singing new songs; I see buds bursting into life; I see glories of God’s creation displayed all around. While some choose only to look at the dingy, brown grass and the old leaves from last year, I choose rather to see the awe inspiring beauty of the sun shining through the end of an icicle, a drop of water hanging precariously from its tip, until it finally splashes down to greet its cousins in the puddle below.

A beam of sun, a red maple bud, the chickadee’s song, the warm, cozy breeze; all speak volumes to me of the beauties of the new life which is mine in Christ. For even as some choose to look at the residue of winter storms lying on top of old snow, some choose to look at the residue of past sin in their lives. Even as some see nothing but dead grass and mud, some look at their lives and see nothing but dead works and pride.

But I have chosen a different outlook. I have chosen to see the Son beaming into my life, showing His graceful face and warming my heart to His Word. I have chosen to see the fresh shoot of green grass; the fresh life of new joy in my heart. And the mercies, new every morning, bursting out of their fresh buds of love. And instead of looking at the painful holes in my life, I have chosen to draw every precious drop of sap from the springing waters of salvation.