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Sugar on snow

Sugaring off is a traditional spring event here in Quebec. Since we just do it as a family, we go really small scale and boil a couple cans of maple syrup on our stovetop. It is a fun (and sticky!) time. David and Erica and their two girls joined us, increasing the enjoyment. Too little to get involved with the sticky stuff, Keziah just played peek-a-boo in her stroller.


Elizabeth, however, got to join in and loved it!




This is sticky!


Some milk after so much sweet

Everyone enjoyed their day too!

20160327_ELF_8743 20160327_ELF_8719 20160327_ELF_8728 20160327_ELF_8730 20160327_ELF_8748


Daddy’s little girl – all cleaned up!

As we savoured the maple sugar, I thought of the verse in Psalm 119:103: “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Yes, the Word is sweeter even than maple syrup!

Spring is in the air!

It seems as though winter never arrived this year. Sure, we got bits of snow all along, in fact we’re expecting a bit more tonight, but we received none of those get-you-stuck-in-your-driveway storms and the piles that usually mound up during snow removal season were only a few feet tall at most.

Yet despite winter’s non-arrival, spring is just around the corner! The birds are returning: Canada geese fly overhead regularly, mallard ducks were seen today, song birds in large numbers show up at the feeders.


purple finch



pine siskin

pine siskin

song sparrow

song sparrow

The red-winged blackbirds and robins have not yet been caught by my camera, but they are around as are the less colourful starlings and grackles. The squirrels too have been feasting on the seed the birds drop. They are cute little creatures and quite friendly too!

20160326_ELF_8614 20160326_ELF_8617

Everyone is enjoying the longer days and warm sunshine… including the cat!


Saturday, several of us tuned up our bikes and went out for a short ride. It was a lovely day for it: bright sun and no wind!20160326_ELF_8656

Meanwhile, the guys were busy solving a computer issue… It looked complicated.

20160326_ELF_8654 20160326_ELF_8665

And then yesterday, we had a special event to commemorate the coming of spring, but I’ll tell of that another time… 🙂

Ride’m Cowgirl!

Well, maybe not quite a cowgirl… but Elizabeth certainly had fun riding a friend’s pony last week!

20160311_ELF_8586Waving to Grandma T in the window! 🙂

And as a side-note: there is usually still snow around in Quebec at the beginning of March! We have had an extraordinarily warm winter this year and spring is arriving early!

A Frazer update

Looking through pictures is usually a good way of finding just what we have been doing, but this time there were remarkably few revelatory photos. After all, who goes about shooting a dripping bathroom drain, a leaking faucet, another leaking faucet, broken stove tops, a non-functional oven, water coming into the basement due to to much ice outdoors, and a river flowing through the barn for the same reason? Yes, we really had all of those in the past month or two! But the Lord is providing solutions for which we are grateful.

But the photos didn’t reveal that angle of life. Primarily what I find here are the joys of little ones! They are so special!

Keziah smiles so much!

Keziah smiles so much!

Elizabeth loves her little sister

Elizabeth loves her little sister

Reading to several little ones

Reading to several little ones

Evelyn and I recently embarked on some large projects: Making quilts! It is slow work, but I’m sure it will be rewarding in the end!

Figuring out colours

Figuring out colours

Consulting the expert

Consulting the expert

This winter has been an odd one with little snow and many thaws. The driveway literally became an ice rink. William got out his skates!

20160217_ELF_8304 20160217_ELF_8310

As always, the outdoors draws cameras like a magnet. Numerous birds gather at our feeders… Can anyone tell I like chickadees? 🙂

DSC_1197 20160221_ELF_8361 20160213_ELF_8249 20160228_ELF_8416 20160229_ELF_8450And a few excursions draw out the beauties of our northern winter – despite the pathetically small amount of snow!

20160218_ELF_8314 20160218_ELF_8326 20160218_ELF_8332 20160222_ELF_5451 20160222_ELF_8396 20160228_ELF_8408 20160228_ELF_8411 20160303_ELF_8469 20160303_ELF_8502

“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24