Spring is in the air!

It seems as though winter never arrived this year. Sure, we got bits of snow all along, in fact we’re expecting a bit more tonight, but we received none of those get-you-stuck-in-your-driveway storms and the piles that usually mound up during snow removal season were only a few feet tall at most.

Yet despite winter’s non-arrival, spring is just around the corner! The birds are returning: Canada geese fly overhead regularly, mallard ducks were seen today, song birds in large numbers show up at the feeders.


purple finch



pine siskin

pine siskin

song sparrow

song sparrow

The red-winged blackbirds and robins have not yet been caught by my camera, but they are around as are the less colourful starlings and grackles. The squirrels too have been feasting on the seed the birds drop. They are cute little creatures and quite friendly too!

20160326_ELF_8614 20160326_ELF_8617

Everyone is enjoying the longer days and warm sunshine… including the cat!


Saturday, several of us tuned up our bikes and went out for a short ride. It was a lovely day for it: bright sun and no wind!20160326_ELF_8656

Meanwhile, the guys were busy solving a computer issue… It looked complicated.

20160326_ELF_8654 20160326_ELF_8665

And then yesterday, we had a special event to commemorate the coming of spring, but I’ll tell of that another time… 🙂

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