Monthly Archives: April 2016

1,000 days

1,000 is a big number… and a small one.

1,000 days is a long time… and short one.

So much can happen and has happened in that time. There have been:

Joys & sorrows
Laughter & tears
New faces
New places
New priorities
Rejoicing in relationships
Grieving at losses
Developing deeper bonds
– with Christ
– with loved ones

To be more specific:

Sitting on the floor playing with baby toys
Driving for hours together
Talking over lists of names
Figuring out just what to make for supper
Scratching heads over riddles
Organising and reorganising rooms to make everything fit
Learning to hang things from the ceiling

All that and far more has taken place in that long, but short stretch of time. Can anyone guess what occurred 1,000 days ago? If you need a hint check this link.