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Summer rain

It has been feeling more and more like summer. Even the Sunday dessert a week ago looked like it!


But though the BBQ Saturday was a beautiful day, Sunday arrived with rain showers. Notwithstanding, we had a nice afternoon of playing game indoors… Apparently chess playing can begin quite young!

20160605_ELF_9875 20160605_ELF_9877 20160605_ELF_9878 20160605_ELF_9895

And a few extra photos… 🙂


Mommy, may I have some please?

20160605_ELF_9919 20160605_ELF_9927

BBQ with friends

Summer is certainly coming and the warm days draw us outdoors for summer activities. Recently we had the privilege of joining some friends for a BBQ at their farm.

I couldn’t resist seizing the opportunity to get some photos of cows, calves, and horses.

20160604_ELF_9645 20160604_ELF_9749 20160604_ELF_9655 20160604_ELF_9670

The young ones enjoyed all the space to run around.

20160604_ELF_9679 20160604_ELF_9686 20160604_ELF_9705 20160604_ELF_9727

And the not so young ones enjoyed themselves thoroughly too, doing things like photographing, horseback riding, and of course, barbecuing! 20160604_ELF_9681 20160604_ELF_9704 20160604_ELF_9666 20160604_ELF_9825 20160604_ELF_9852

I got a lessons on how to drive a tractor, something I’ve wanted to do for years. Happily, Evelyn grabbed my camera and succeeded in photographing the event!

20160604_ELF_9772 20160604_ELF_9794

Meanwhile, William was learning to drive another vehicle.

20160604_ELF_9786 20160604_ELF_9789

Many thanks to the R family for their wonderful hospitality! We had a delightful time fellowshipping with you all!

Coffee Crisp

I don’t like coffee – I don’t even care for the smell of it – but Coffee Crisp is OK, especially when it looks like this:


Our heifer, Hershey, calved yesterday morning. I came into the barn just in time to witness the miracle of the calf’s arriving!


This morning the weather promised to be sunny, however it broke its promise and there have been only cloudy skies all day. Notwithstanding we did a short photo session with Coffee Crisp anyway.


I know this green stuff is good for something.


Come here, Coffee Crisp!


I’m coming! I’m coming!


I’m cute!

Helping starts young!

We looked out our window one day and here is what we saw…


Then, when the aunts and uncles came out to see, he volunteered to help with watering the garden. Great job, Caleb! You can never start helping too young!

20160531_ELF_9409 20160531_ELF_9412

And praise the Lord for parents who are diligently training their children up in the ways of the Lord!