BBQ with friends

Summer is certainly coming and the warm days draw us outdoors for summer activities. Recently we had the privilege of joining some friends for a BBQ at their farm.

I couldn’t resist seizing the opportunity to get some photos of cows, calves, and horses.

20160604_ELF_9645 20160604_ELF_9749 20160604_ELF_9655 20160604_ELF_9670

The young ones enjoyed all the space to run around.

20160604_ELF_9679 20160604_ELF_9686 20160604_ELF_9705 20160604_ELF_9727

And the not so young ones enjoyed themselves thoroughly too, doing things like photographing, horseback riding, and of course, barbecuing! 20160604_ELF_9681 20160604_ELF_9704 20160604_ELF_9666 20160604_ELF_9825 20160604_ELF_9852

I got a lessons on how to drive a tractor, something I’ve wanted to do for years. Happily, Evelyn grabbed my camera and succeeded in photographing the event!

20160604_ELF_9772 20160604_ELF_9794

Meanwhile, William was learning to drive another vehicle.

20160604_ELF_9786 20160604_ELF_9789

Many thanks to the R family for their wonderful hospitality! We had a delightful time fellowshipping with you all!

One thought on “BBQ with friends

  1. Jérémie R.

    C’étais vraiment une bénédiction de vous avoir chez nous. Ca fait longemps que j’esperais que vous viendriez:)


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