Fun with Sausage

As usual with one-day-old calves, we took Sausage out on the lawn on Wednesday. She is much less energetic than some of our calves and stood still beautifully to pose for the camera!

20160921_ELF_1895 20160921_ELF_1859 20160921_ELF_1867

She does have some energy, and like all calves, enjoys running. Her “high speed” is more of a lope than an out-and-out run, making her the easiest calf yet to get in focus even when in motion. Well… the photographer has learned a few things too… 🙂


Oh, and of course, the inspector had to come by again! What is farm life without cats around? 🙂


And one final photo:

5 thoughts on “Fun with Sausage

  1. Jérémie R.

    Professional job! You should try to take some pictures for the CIAQ magazine:)
    I totally agree with the statement about cats 🙂

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      Yes, she certainly has changed since last year! As usual with our calves, I forgot to do another photo session before she went, but since this time, the calf didn’t go in the freezer, I’ll still have other opportunities. 🙂 I hope Sausage… um Vanilla ( 🙂 ) gives you really nice calves!


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