Monthly Archives: May 2017

The transformation of two weeks

How much can be accomplished in a short time when a family works together!

A snapshot from before

The first pie being made after!

The kitchen renovation began Monday, May 15th and though there are still a few mouldings to go up, the whole project was pretty nearly finished by Friday, May 26th. The pictures tell the story…

Boxes of pre-fab cabinets

Assembling the cabinets

The demolition begun!

“Where did the kitchen go, Grandma?”

Working in the temporary kitchen


Putting on doorhandles

It’s getting there!

Putting down the flooring

Moving back in!

It’s amazing how quickly the whole thing was done! Praise the Lord!

Naughty kids – aka demolition crew

As some of our readers already know, we have, for quite a while, been planning on a major kitchen renovation. Today the demolition began…When we were young, Mommy always told us not to sit on the overhanging counter, but here was a last opportunity to do “the naughty thing.” We just couldn’t pass it up!

So that’s why Mommy said not to sit on the counter…!

Newcomers in the barn

Ice Cream appears to be a prolific sheep. She had three little lambs Wednesday – two ewes and a ram.

As can be seen, there is quite a size difference between them. The largest and smallest – both ewe lambs – weighing 8.5 lbs and 4.5 lbs respectively. Here they are side-by-side:

Unfortunately, however, whether it is that she is too stressed to let down well, too on edge to eat enough to produce lots of milk, or simply not a good milker, Ice Cream appears not to have enough milk for her lambs.  As a result, we’ve brought the smallest lamb indoors to be bottle fed. The ram, likewise seems hungry, but we’re hoping that an extra bottle now and then will keep him going enough to contend with his sister for Ice Cream’s milk.

The littlest lamb is great fun. She already looks on us as “mommy” and was taken outdoors this morning to be photographed. I have to admit that this aspect of raising sheep was one of my reasons for wanting to do it! 🙂

Mommy, where are you going?

Make the horsie run, please!

Elizabeth and Keziah came down with Erica to visit with the aunties and horsies. Keziah enjoyed the pony ride, but liked the HUGE sandbox even better.

Elizabeth loved the pony, too.

After a bit, however, she wanted to ride the bigger horse…

…who was apparently quite relaxed with a little rider!


She got so confident in the saddle, that she wanted to go trotting.

“Make the horsie run, please!” 🙂