As mentioned it a previous post, our cow calved at the end of August. However, unlike other years, we haven’t posted any pictures. That is because the calf didn’t survive the birth process. It was a malpresentation: tail first! We had to help Hershey out by turning the calf around and pulling it out back feet first. By the time we accomplished that, however, the calf was dead. 🙁

Nevertheless, we do have a calf. Actually, we bought two: a Jersey and a Jersey/Holstein. Toblerone (named for the triangle shaped marking on his face) has always been a very lively calf.

But he’s practising posing!

Roast Beef, on the other hand was never quite so active, though he did try out the wading pool.

Though at first it looked like he might pick up and do well, we were mistaken and he died too. So we’re left with just Toblerone who makes up for the two lost calves with all his energy!

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    1. Elizabeth Post author

      No, not really. We know he had pneumonia, but probably there was something else wrong too.


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