Bringing it up to date

It seems I’m always doing this: going a long time without posting much and then covering several months of activity! But, as they say, “Better late than never.” So here is a run-down of the Frazer family activities for the past little while, though I may split it over several posts.

The Christmas season was a little less busy than some years. We did manage to get out to visit our grandparents – a really special time.

Four generations!

Other winter activities included a fellowship/skating event at New Years’…

other skating fun…

an attempt at making our own rink (sadly a January thaw put an end to that)…

and some winter hiking in the Whites for Daddy and Mommy.

Somehow we’ve managed to find ourselves butchering in January the past couple of years. Putting an 8-month-old ram lamb in the freezer was a first for us.

Another winter activity was quilting. I made a quilt for a very good friend of mine – an incredibly fun project!

And then Mommy and I actually got to attend her wedding.

On the way there we saw the beginning of the lunar eclipse. The nieces and nephews continue to grow up. They bring such joy!

And there is more to follow…

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