Lamb guess!

April is on its way and lambing season is just around the corner. Our first ewe due to lamb is Chipit and she looks like it!

Sadly, she also isn’t doing the best. The weight of her lamb(s) is making her tire easily and we were startled to discover yesterday that she sometimes struggles to walk about and lie down. A vet visit relieved us of the possibility of hypocalcemia or pregnancy toxemia. His suggestion was that she has suffered some kind of trauma to her spinal column. Our best option is to keep her quiet, fed, and watered and hope that the arrival of the lambs will relieve her of added pressure.

So, we are doubly eager for the lambs to appear! If anyone wants to take a guess at how many ewe lambs and/or ram lambs she will have, just reply to this post and let us know what you think!

11 thoughts on “Lamb guess!

  1. Stephen

    Hmm… She’s pretty big: I’ll guess two rams and one ewe.

    P.S.: Will I still be allowed to guess in a few years? 😉

  2. Elizabeth Post author

    This might be called cheating, but after shearing Chipit doesn’t look quite so round. So, since no one else has guessed 1 ram and 1 ewe, I’ll make that my guess.


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