Lamb guess answer!

As it turns out, no one guessed right! Blackberry just lambed this morning with one black ewe lamb. And is she ever cute!

After observing for 1/2 an hour with nothing more progressing than seeing two little hooves, we stepped in to help. But all the help Blackberry needed was having the lamb’s legs straightened out and she managed the rest just fine. Mother and daughter seem to have bonded well.Now what should we call her?

8 thoughts on “Lamb guess answer!

  1. Sharon Schroeder

    Blackberry’s sweet ewe lamb should be named Black Raspberry.

    Thanks for sharing your sweet photos!

  2. Jérémie

    I guess I miss the exam with 50%:) She is the same color than the coffee I am presently dreaming of so maybe something associated with it like espresso?


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