A Second Lamb Guess!

Our purebred Finnsheep, Honeycomb, is due to lamb in about a week or so! We wanted to get some pictures of her, so Evelyn and I headed out to the barn.

Blackberry and Currant were easy to lead out.

Aren’t I cute?

The warm, sunny day made for a frisky lamb!

And of course, the cat had to come inspect.

Timid little Apple didn’t want to leave the barn even to get some corn.

But our subject for today was Honeycomb. With a little coaxing, she followed Evelyn out of the barn and was rewarded with some corn.

After a while, Honeycomb got curious and ventured farther.

She certainly looks pregnant! How many lambs do you think she’ll have? And will they be ewe lambs or ram lambs? (Just a hint, Finnsheep normally have more than one lamb at a time, though not always.)

Hey, what about me!?

9 thoughts on “A Second Lamb Guess!

    1. Stephen

      Hmm… I’m no expert in math, but I seem to remember 4 x 4 = … ?

      I don’t think she’s THAT big.

  1. Erica Frazer

    I am guessing four lambs – all females…so that you will try selling them and won’t eat them! 🙂


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