A New Arrival

Our cow, Hershey, was due to calve yesterday, and I had an inkling that it would be fairly soon, because she gone off her hay the previous evening. But when yesterday morning, she began to eat again, I figured I would just keep checking throughout the day. I went out after lunch with D&E’s girls to check for a calf, but to our disappointment there was none to be seen. Immediately after supper, I went to check on Hershey again, and lo and behold: there was a little calf standing there trying to get a snack!

Hello Mommy!

I was too busy to weigh the little guy last night, but I picked him up in my arms to get an estimate. I guessed him to be about 50 lbs or so. But when I weighed him this morning, much to my surprise, he was 67 lbs!

Is this where the milk is kept?

Mr. Big is very smart and is drinking very well. I am trying to train him to drink both from his mother and from a bottle.

Yum, yum!
I’m tired!

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