Monthly Archives: September 2019

An Old-Fashioned Pounding

If any of our blog readers have a good memory, they might remember reading a post by David about six and a half years ago about a pounding that he received. If not you can click HERE to reread it. Well, yesterday evening, Jérémie and Sarah got pounded.

Traditionally a pounding is when a couple is given a pound of different dry goods to fill their pantry. In this case, my parents also gave them other practical things such as office supplies, cleaning supplies, tape, batteries, disposable cups & cutlery, etc.

Even Sarah didn’t mind tearing this wrapping paper!

May the Lord bless you Jérémie and Sarah as you set up housekeeping!

Wedding Live Stream

I appologize for the delay; somehow I must have gotten busy! For now I’m just posting one angle of the ceremony, as there is the possible potentiality that someone might perhaps maybe be considering working on compiling all the angles into one clean video… 🙂

Hmm… Something just struck me: if a picture is worth a thousand words, then at 60fps X 60 seconds per minute X 90 minutes… I should become a videographer!