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The Second Wedding of the Year

Has it really been almost a month since Jérémie and Sarah’s wedding? I should have had this post up a long time ago!!

Wedding preparations began almost as soon as MiEl’s wedding was done. Sarah and I put together the cutlery packs

Cutlery packs for the wedding

The days sped by so fast, and not very many pictures of preparations were taken. The day before the wedding, we setup Faith Hall.

Sound technician and video live streaming crew
Setting up a camera for the live-stream
Decorating the signing table
Rehearsal lunch

By lunch time the room was just about set up. We all sat down for a lunch, then we had the rehearsal.
Jérémie and Sarah were also given a couple hand-made gifts.

A beautiful wall hanging from Erica
Very appropriate and exquisite pillows from Elizabeth

Because of logistics, we were on our way to the wedding before dawn, and then as soon as it was light, the groomsmen and groom had their pictures done. Then the bridesmaids got their pictures done. The lighting for the bridesmaids and bride was absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, I cannot put any of those pictures here right now.
The wedding was officiated by M. Hauser, the Rhéaume’s former pastor. The message was very God centered and a blessing to many.

During the signing, the bridal party sang “O Perfect Love”
The giving of a family Bible to the newlywed.
With “Nana” (Mrs. Frazer’s mom)
While they were busy eating, some people went outside and decorated their car!
(See picture later)
Shhhh… Don’t look under the car!
The children just LOVED the balloons!

May the Lord abundantly bless you Sarah and Jérémie and be your Guide through all of life’s blessings and trials.