About our concerts

Although we don’t change the musical style or genre we play to try to please people, we do try to make all our concerts relevant to the audience to which we are ministering. As a result, we have rarely played exactly the same concert twice. There is always some small difference, such as the amount of time we are given, or the style of the group for which we are playing. For example, we will play different pieces if we are playing background music than if we are playing in concert style. Also, we try to avoid using the trumpet in nursing homes.

Now that the younger ones are advanced enough to play in a group with the rest of us we have almost two whole string quartets — we are only lacking one viola. That includes our seven violinists, one violist, and four cellists. There are also about ten vocalists, nine pianists, one trumpetist, and one saw player.

Some interesting things have happened while we are playing. We have had people announce to the audience that they would hear someone playing sello. I think they meant cello, not solo. Another time, we had just finished tuning up, when one elderly lady started clapping and saying, “That was beautiful! Are you going to play again?”