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So far, Hershey has always calved early. Since her calf was due today, this year it looked as though she might not. But late yesterday evening she had a surprise for us!

Unlike last year, the calving went very quickly – so quickly that we missed the whole thing! When I checked Hershey at 6:30, she looked normal: eating happily. When, at 8:30, I heard her bell ringing continuously, I went out to check and found Bounty already trying to get to her feet.

Yes, Bounty is a little heifer! With a birth weight of 61 lbs, she’s one our our largest calves. And she has energy to match! A straw bale “fence” is easy to jump even at only 12 hours old!

Aren’t I cute?

We chose the name Bounty (the name of a chocolate bar) to combine her parents’ names: Hershey and Profit Driven. And after losing two calves last year, we feel bountifully blessed to have such a lively, healthy calf this year. Praise the Lord!

Family Vacation part 2

The wildlife in Cape Breton is quite used to seeing tourists.

The moose especially seem nonchalant.

The birds are a little more wary.

Though not the seagulls as much. Most of these photos are barely cropped.

Yikes, we’re going to get wet!

Flying together

Reunion of a pair

We even got to see them fishing.



And they always come back up in time to miss being hit by the next wave!

And another style of fishing…

They know what fishing boats carry!

On the topic of fishing boats, we were actually in Cape Breton during the lobster season. We had the amazing experience of watching the fishermen at work.

many boats at work

many docked boats

watching the boats

pulling up the lobster trap

Though it rained one day while we were there, we saw several really beautiful sunsets. It was a beautiful vacation and a wonderful time as a family.

“From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same, the LORD’s name is to be praised.” Psalm 113:3

Family Vacation part 1

To all our readers, my apologies on the lack of blog content lately! Life has been incredibly full in the Frazer home.

Our family was able to take a family vacation together the last week of May. Yes, we all, including Stephen, were able to get away. Yeah! The destination: Cape Breton Island, NS.

Cape Breton is a beautiful place of rocky slopes, wind-scarred trees, rolling oceans, crashing waves, screaming gulls, a not-so-wild moose! I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

The O-Tentik where we stayed

A beautiful waterfall nestled inland

The hills of Cape Breton ore steep and rugged

Insect-eating pitcher plants in a bog

Watch out, Sarah!

Your feet will get wet!

The Cabot trail runs all the way around the island, hugging the coast most of the way

Abandoned lobster traps

My favourite graveyard

An old, one-room schoolhouse

The red dots in the water are buoys marking lobster traps – more on that later

Well, maybe I’ll make a second post with more…

Still Winter!

Winter is hanging on this year! Usually there isn’t much snow left at the beginning of April, but here is what it looked like on April 20th:

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful new snow to photograph one of our new lambs.

It looks like we’ll probably have snow into May! But I like snow, so I don’t mind! ๐Ÿ™‚

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” Isaiah 1:18

Hair Cut Time!

It was hair cutting time in the barn this week! Well, not technically hair actually – wool.

Chipit and Maple had theirs cut a while back, but the three younger sheep still needed to be done. Yoghurt was by far the most agreeable. He loved the back rub! Strawberry and Raspberry were more ticklish and wiggly, but even so it was nice to work with sheep that aren’t afraid of us.

I forgot to photograph Strawberry before and after, but here are Yoghurt and Raspberry.







Quite the change! We measured Yoghurt’s fleece at 9 inches long. It is really beautiful wool. The ewe lambs have a lot of hair in their wool, so the quality is less good.

And of course while I was in the barn… How could I resist photographing those cute little lambs?

And now we are watching Maple and wondering if she’s pregnant…

What do you think?

Lamb guess!

April is on its way and lambing season is just around the corner. Our first ewe due to lamb is Chipit and she looks like it!

Sadly, she also isn’t doing the best. The weight of her lamb(s) is making her tire easily and we were startled to discover yesterday that she sometimes struggles to walk about and lie down. A vet visit relieved us of the possibility of hypocalcemia or pregnancy toxemia. His suggestion was that she has suffered some kind of trauma to her spinal column. Our best option is to keep her quiet, fed, and watered and hope that the arrival of the lambs will relieve her of added pressure.

So, we are doubly eager for the lambs to appear! If anyone wants to take a guess at how many ewe lambs and/or ram lambs she will have, just reply to this post and let us know what you think!

Bunny time!

Our spring batch of baby rabbits is, Lord willing, on its way! We just bred 8 of our 9 females. Before they pull out their fur for their babies, we took pictures of them.

Here are our bucks:

Big Foot



Other than our original rabbit, Smokey, our does all have small candy names:




Jelly Bean

Candy Cane




Cinnamon Hearts

Cinnamon Hearts is the only one we didn’t breed simply because we don’t have space. She and Champ are actually for sale. Anyone looking for a couple of friendly bunnies? The babies should be ready to go in May and can be reserved ahead of time, too.

And of course, the cat somehow knew that it was time for portraits…

Streusel couldn’t sit around posing, though.

We are eager to see where the Lord will take our rabbit venture. It seems He has been opening doors to sell many more than previously.

Product photography

Looking through my photos from the past year, I observed that quite of bit of it was actually product photography… but not your typical products!

First there was the cow…

Then there were rabbits…

And now there is a sheep!

Yes, we’re selling Raspberry. She’s too small, in our opinion, to breed right away, and we don’t want a sheep lambing in August. So we’ve decided to sell her.

We thought that taking her away from her sister to be photographed would stress her out completely and that all the photos would reveal her bleating, but that was not the case. Apparently, Evelyn and I are as much a part of her “flock” as Strawberry, so she is just fine without her sister so long as we were there. We almost didn’t need the rope – she followed us like a dog, better than some dogs!

And of course the cat had to come along to inspect… Maybe she just likes showing up on the blog!Any one looking for a cute, friendly little sheep? And, no, the cat doesn’t go with her.

End of November Update

Before I have to flip my calendar page to December, I’ll take a few moments to give a “before the Christmas rush” update. Since our trip to New Brunswick at the beginning of September much has taken place, though a lot of the activity doesn’t get caught on camera.

There was a family trip to the Village d’Antan. Taking a step back into the past was fun and interesting.

Evelyn and I continue helping a friend with her horses. I had the joy of seeing the horse I helped to train go to a good home.

More bunnies were born and some are now sold.

The lambs are looking more like sheep than lambs now.

Now who is the hunter?

The kittens are growing up too.

Will someone give me a good home, please?

Evelyn has started hand quilting her quilt. I’m almost to that step on mine.

Daddy and Mommy took a couple hikes, including the difficult Mount Katahdin. It was foggy the day they hiked, but the following day revealed a beautiful outlook on the mountain.

And at last, after years of hiking in the White Mountains, they sighted not one, not two, but three moose!

In October, we took Nana (Mommy’s mother) out for her 90th birthday.

The cousins have been over to visit multiple times.

Since the family keeps growing new family photos were in order!

Sometimes the candid shots are the most fun.

Stephen didn’t know what he was getting into when he invited Elizabeth and Keziah onto his back…

Perhaps he should start a new pushup challenge for 2018!

Mid-November saw us heading down to the VA FEW conference. Yes, it snowed on route, but there was no snow in VA. It was a incredible time of Christian fellowship and refreshment in the Lord.

With December around the corner, the “Christmas rush” has actually already begun with a few cookies made and frozen and the FFF&F written, printed, and getting ready for the mail! We look forward to what the Lord has in store for us in the next month!

Family Vacation! (part 2)

Given that we took our trip to Fundy during the off season, many of the beaches were deserted. This was wonderful for us and we enjoyed roaming all over, drinking in the beauty of God’s creation. Of course, we were always careful to keep one eye on the tide…

One of our stops was Cape Enrage. Here a lighthouse and fog horn warn ships of dangerous rocks in bad weather.

A narrow staircase leads down to a rocky cove.

Amy learning about tides.

Nearby, a “marshwiggle habitat” drew our attention. I believe these are what are called “salt marshes.”

Mary’s Point was another very quiet beach, but this one was sandy instead of rocky. We got to be here at both low tide and just after high tide. The land slopes so slowly in this location that the tide runs kilometres out. One would have to run to keep ahead of it as it came in!ย 

Hmm… interesting driftwood! Amazingly it still works. I guess they make Nikons well! ๐Ÿ™‚

We also made a trip out to Moncton to see the reversing tide. The river in this place actually reverses directions as the tide comes in!

Another spot of interest was Anderson Hollow Lighthouse. Actually not a functional lighthouse, this tiny replica and corresponding boat were built in honour of those who served as lighthouse keepers over the years.

Our final stop before leaving New Brunswick was a receded cove in a quiet spot: Herring Cove. It was beautiful here. Perhaps it was just the before-a-storm lighting and the hazy, almost fog combined with seaweed covered rocks backed by soaring cliffs, but something made it feel a bit “fjord-like.” It made me think a little of the pictures I’ve seen of Scandinavian ocean sides.

And what would a vacation from the perspective of a family of photographers be without a few pictures of photographers? ๐Ÿ™‚

Did I mention that it was windy?!

It was a wonderful family vacation! The only improvement for next time would be to have Stephen with us!