Gospel Chalk Talks

Since beginning in December 2005, our family has done a total of over forty chalk talks, speaking to over 1,500 individual people. In 2006, we came up with the idea of sticking our three easels side by side to make a large panoramic scene. Obviously, we cannot all talk at the same time, so we worked out that whoever was doing the drawing in the centre easel would get away from the easel every once in a while to do the talking. So far, that has always been David. Right now, we have seven 3-easel chalk talks that we can do:

Christmas Chalk Talks:

“Born to Die”
— Jesus Christ came to earth to die for our sins.

“The Three Kings of Christmas”
— The differences between the three kings.

“The Shepherds’ Story”
— Stories from the lives of several shepherds that shed insight on the life of the Good Shepherd.

“The Gospel According to Isaiah”
— A perspective that is not normally taken on the Christmas story.

Other Chalk Talks:

“Captain of my Ship”
— Will you make Christ the Captain of your boat?

“Lower Lights”
— Jesus is the Lighthouse. Will you keep the lower lights burning?

“Darwin, Deluges, Dinos, and Doors”
— So, who was right, Darwin or Noah? Which one missed the boat?