An Introduction

As I sat down to consider the writing of this post, I wondered, “What has God revealed to me through His Word that could be of benefit to young men today?  What challenges do young men face in the world in which we live during this century?”  The more I thought about this, the less inclined I was to write this post.  Because, you see, I have so much growing to do myself that I did not feel that any young man could possibly be blessed by anything I have to say.

Gradually, however, God began to work in my heart.  It seemed as though He was telling me, “Stephen, of course you’re not perfect.  You cannot be on this earth.  But I have showed you many things from My Word – are you not willing to share out of what I have given you with those around you?”

No, it was not an audible voice; just God working through His Word and my conscience, but it convicted me more than an audible voice probably ever could have!  So I began to jot down some areas in which God has been teaching me about through His Word and the work of His Spirit, and especially how they play out in my life as a young man.  Here are a few :

– The place of the Word of God in a young man’s life
– Prayer
– Moral purity
– Honouring authority
– Alcohol and drugs
– Music
– Courtship and relationships with young ladies before marriage
– Church structure
– Loving those around us
– Faithfulness in little things
– Dangers of technological wonders
– Evangelization
– The joy of the Lord as our strength
– Sibling relationships (I have to do a lot more work on this one!)
– The sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man
– The joys of heaven
– What’s wrong with theistic evolution
– Biblical manhood and leadership
– Demonic depression and resisting the devil
– The ministry every man should be involved in
– The power of a grateful spirit
– Diligence and the day of rest
– True wealth vs. temporary riches

As I write out this list, I realise that God has not only given me something to share, but also a passion to share it.  As I think on each of these topics, I can’t wait to start writing about each one.  At the same time, I realise that I have a lot of growing to do.  I also realise that God’s word specifically speaks to many of these areas, and I am not only willing, but thrilled that He would give me the task of searching out these pressing issues in our culture – especially as they apply the young men in the church.

I certainly won’t be able to write an exhaustive article on each of these topics, but, Lord willing, I hope to write on them all before I get married. 🙂  I mean to design each of these articles not to give you all the information out there, but simply to whet your appetite to get into the Word of God and study these things for yourself.

At the same time, I realise that many of these issues will require several articles, and many hours of research, so please be patient as I work through them.  May they be an encouragement for you to draw closer to God through His Word and to live a holy life, set apart for Him.

So don’t delay: Destroy detrimental dispositions, dodge demoralizing dissertations, despise deplorable demeanour; dive deep into divine dedication to derive a durable destiny.

2 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. jérémie rhéaume

    These are really interesting topics. I also hope you will be able to finish them before you get married:)

  2. David

    Sounds ambitious! How many are you planning on writing each month? I guess if you don’t get them all written before you get married you can always write a few of them after.


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