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A Blitz Update

The past few months have been incredibly busy ones. But despite that, our family still managed to make a family trip to a train museum in June.

a still functional tramway
lots of railroad ties

At home, there is always plenty to do. One project was to take down the dead weeping willow in our front yard.

After that, there was a lot of brush to burn.

Our mini-farm has also kept us busy: just normal chores…

giving away the orphaned kittens…

selling our three ewe lambs…

and selling Bounty which took teaching her to load into a very small trailer!

And the garden is producing and giving us plenty of work!

Into the freezer for eating later on!
lots of pickle-making and applesauce canning

Evelyn found a more efficient method of doing applesauce than what we have done in the past.

toss the apples into the pot just cut in half
Then send it through a sieve to remove the cores.
It made delicious applesauce with very little waste!

The berries were abundant this year, too.

And a few honeybees have been frequenting our lawn off and on throughout the summer.

Honeybees… that reminds me… a beekeeper has been very prominent in the recent busyness!

Wedding decorations!

Michael and I will be married this Saturday! Praise the Lord for His goodness!

Christmas bunnies!

Anyone looking for a cute, friendly Christmas gift for someone?

Rabbits make wonderful little pets: they are soft, cute, friendly, quiet, inexpensive, and don’t require a lot of care!

Evelyn and I did some product/pet photography this afternoon. Often photographing rabbits can be a real challenge, especially for Evelyn doing the posing.

But this time we actually got an amazing number of great photos.

Part of the reason for this was that Evelyn had an assistant to get the rabbits to sit up and put their ears forward. Somehow the cat always manages to get in there!

And now the rabbits are hoping to hop to new homes! Any buyers?

Bunny time!

Our spring batch of baby rabbits is, Lord willing, on its way! We just bred 8 of our 9 females. Before they pull out their fur for their babies, we took pictures of them.

Here are our bucks:

Big Foot



Other than our original rabbit, Smokey, our does all have small candy names:




Jelly Bean

Candy Cane




Cinnamon Hearts

Cinnamon Hearts is the only one we didn’t breed simply because we don’t have space. She and Champ are actually for sale. Anyone looking for a couple of friendly bunnies? The babies should be ready to go in May and can be reserved ahead of time, too.

And of course, the cat somehow knew that it was time for portraits…

Streusel couldn’t sit around posing, though.

We are eager to see where the Lord will take our rabbit venture. It seems He has been opening doors to sell many more than previously.

Spring happenings

After a rather odd winter of next to no snow, March hailed several “good” snowstorms and it kept coming even into April. We may have received much less snow that usual this year, but the amount left on the ground at present is certainly more than other years.

Many spring birds are returning and some winter ones have left for the north. I was excited to have an opportunity to photograph one of the Eastern Township’s winter sojourners not long before they left for the summer. Snow buntings are quite striking.

A recent snowfall created the perfect opportunity to do sugar on snow. Everyone enjoys this, but somehow the kids seem to love it most!

In the barn changes have occurred. We sold our faithful cow, Mocha, last month, and butchered Coffee Crisp not long after. With increased space in the barn, our thoughts began to go toward another farming enterprise. The rabbits moved into a larger, better pen at the far end of the barn, and a stall was constructed to contain… sheep! We bought three ewes two weeks ago. It was quite an adjustment for them to go from a big farm with lots of sheep and very little handling to our little “mini farm” with lots of people visiting. They are getting more friendly by the day, though, and have learned that people carry grain! Yum! The kids enjoyed meeting the sheep.

Chipit is the youngest and most inquisitive of the three and has only been through one lambing before. She’s supposed to be expecting for July or August.

Maple, according to the farmer from whom we bought her, is somewhere around 4 or 5 years old. She is hopefully due to lamb in May, but she isn’t showing it yet. Though very wild at first, she is becoming much less timid and loves back rubs.

Ice Cream is supposedly about the same age as Maple. She’s the shyest of our ewes, but being far along in her pregnancy may explain that a bit. She is due to lamb anytime now. Does anyone want to take a guess at how many lambs she’ll have and what gender it/they will be?

Oh, and while we on the topic of baby animals… Smokey had another batch of kittens last month – 11 this time, but one died. The 10 remaining ones are now weaned and for sale.

I’m looking forward to having lambs as photography subjects!