A comment on comments not commenting

Good evening,

We have recently received some comments regarding an issue about the comments on the blog posts.  In certain circumstances, it is impossible to place a comment, and the blog just “hangs”.

I have reduced the issue down to an issue in the theme.  I am currently working on this issue, and will update this post as soon as everything is working again.  Thank you for your patience.

For those people who would still like to make a comment, there is a work-around currently available.  Click the name of the blog post (at the top of the post), and then add “?theme=Indigo” without quotes to the URL.  Example: to comment on this post, go to this URL: http://www.createdinchrist.com/Blog/post/A-comment-on-comments-not-commenting.aspx?theme=Indigo  The blog will look different, but it is the same blog.

Please note that the blog may have temporary outages or peculiar quircks as we attempt to resolve the issue.  I appologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

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