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Our second night at the Bulwer Community Centre went very well.  The crowd was somewhat smaller, but everyone seemed to enjoy being there.  We hope they were all as blessed as we were.

After I posted last time, one family member pointed out that I had failed to include a picture of the wonderful family who prepared delicious refreshments for us all.

Some of the “kitchen crew”

the sound technician

Our sound technician does behind-the-scenes work, and thus rarely gets photographed.  Someone got a good picture on Saturday, though.

 talking afterwards

Talking afterwards

Sunday afternoon, we and a couple other families who come to our home Bible studies, went to a nursing home to have a little service there with the “Grandmas and Grandpas” as Amy calls them.  We sang Christmas hymns together and Nathanael gave a brief message on the importance of having a heart like that of the wise men–a heart that is sincere, searching the Scriptures; a heart that is transparent; a heart of humility that bows down to worship Christ.  It was such a blessing to be there.  So many of the people there have lived through hard things, but they so reflect the joy of the Lord that it is impossible to go away without having been encouraged.

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  1. Matthew Garfat

    I’m glad you had a good "French" Concert,you got some good pictures of the behind the scenes people. It’s not too hard to get good pictures of fantastic people!!! We had a little Christmas concert at our local senior’s home also on Sunday.


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